Grant Eligibility

Organizations must meet a specific set of eligibility criteria to apply for a grant. If the following requirements are met, an organization may apply:


  • Organization is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit in good standing with the IRS and designated as a public charity as defined under Section 509(a)1 or 509(a)2 
  • Organization can provide most recent Form 990, Form 990N, or Form 990EZ 
  • Organization’s purpose falls under at least one of the Foundation’s key Giving Pillars: Affordable Housing, Education, Youth Programs and Health and Human Services 
  • Organization serves one or more communities where a Blue Foundry Bank branch is located. 


Blue Foundry Charitable Foundation will generally NOT consider requests from or in support of the following:


  • Private foundations or grants to other grant-making organizations
  • Municipalities or government agencies
  • Sponsorships of any kind, including, but not limited to, galas, gold outings, performances, or other special events
  • Scholarships, fellowships, grants, stipends, or individual endeavors
  • Political lobbying or legislative activities 
  • Existing deficits, retroactive funding, or debt reduction 
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities 
Grant Criteria, Considerations and Descriptions
  • Long-term strategy for delivering solutions to supporting identified needs within the surrounding community.
  • Organization delivers measurable, cost-effective results.
  • Provides incentives and stimulation for the private and public sectors to work together in community problem solving.
  • Demonstrates an ability to be sustainable or to obtain future funding if it will be needed.
Additional Grant Request Information

The Applicant for a Foundation Grant will be asked to submit a written request describing the initiative seeking support. The Foundation may request submission of one or more of the following from a Grant Applicant:


  • A statement of purpose and goals for the Grant
  • Target area within the organization/community the Grant will Address


  • Evidence of 501(c) (3) status
  • A list of the organization’s Officers and Board of Directors
  • Any Bank Employee, Director or Advisory Director knowledgeable about the project or initiative
  • Recent public relations materials and other relevant information


  • Annual Report (if applicable) and other Financial Statements
  • Sources of funding (including other contributions)
  • Organization’s total Budget Total
Apply For A Grant
Grant Recipient Communications

Once you have received your Grant, please take a moment to follow the next steps:

  • Email a hi-resolution logo to [email protected] to be utilized in the Grants Awarded section of this website
  • Complete the Grant Recipient Summary here.
  • Share your Blue Foundry Charitable Foundation Story across your social channels and website